Posters and Charts

Within this page is a photo gallery that contains most of the posters and charts I’ve created during the last few years. I taught myself the basics of graphic design and typography in order to create meaningful public health messages and campaigns on Facebook. The software programs I use most frequently include Adobe Illustrator and InDesign; however, I started out using basic programs like PowerPoint and Keynote.

Keep in mind, I’m trained as a registered dietitian (RD), not a graphic designer, and I’m still learning. Creating stuff — whether by hand or digital technologies — is my happy place. I also built my website via self-taught skills, and I continue to manage it by myself to this day. While I do appreciate my self-taught skills, I don’t enjoy working on my website like I do graphic design/typography. Nor am I very good at it. 😉

Back to the posters and charts on this page — you won’t find all of them uploaded to this page. In general, I try to spread them out throughout my website to optimize page speed and performance. For example, you won’t find my Shopping Lists, Protein Charts, Meal Planning posters, or Strength and Fitness graphics within this page. To view these charts, you’ll need to visit their respective page via the menu above.

Rebel Posters

Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 license. This means you are free to use my work for personal use (e.g., save the file to your computer or share via social media) as long as you do not modify the image, remove my watermark, or use the image for commercial purposes ($). If you would like to purchase the rights to use my work for commercial purposes, please contact me. Thanks!

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